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Laura is a Lecturer in Social Psychology at the University of Bath. As a social and organisational psychologist, she has an established programme of research examining how social identities emerge and evolve through social interaction, and the implications of this process for social and organisational behaviour. Please click on the tabs above for more information about Laura's research and teaching.

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Pregnancy Discrimination at Work: The Results
15 May 2014

In my last blog post, I waxed lyrical about the fact that pregnant women are stereotyped as 'incompetent'1 at work, and that an estimated 30,000 women a year lose their jobs as a result of being pregnant2,3. Over the past few months, catalysed by inaccurate media reports (see links above) on evidence that "working while pregnant is as harmful as smoking" 4, I have been conducting research to investigate the experiences of pregnant workers compared to other people at work. Here are the results... (read more)